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Table 1 Parameters of large-scale wind farm based DFIG

From: Design of robust intelligent protection technique for large-scale grid-connected wind farm

Parameters of DFIG
 Generator rated power (MW) 2
 Generator rated voltage (V) 690
 Resistance of the rotor (pu) 0.005
 Leakage inductance of the rotor (pu) 0.155
 Resistance of the stator (pu) 0.00706
 Leakage inductance of the stator (pu) 0.1709
 Mutual inductance (pu) 2.9
 Lumped Inertia Constant (s) 5.04
 Frequency (Hz) 60
The parameters of the power transmission line (25 kV)
 Zero sequence resistance (Ω/km) 0.4129
 Positive sequence resistance (Ω /km) 0.11529
 Zero sequence inductance (H/km) 0.00331
 Positive sequence inductance (H/km) 0.001049
 Zero sequence capacitance (F/km) 5.01e-9
 Positive sequence capacitance (F/km) 11.329e-9
Internal feeders (Z 1 , Z 2 , ……, Z 6 ) parameters
 Zero sequence resistance (Ω /km) 0.3963
 Positive sequence resistance (Ω /km) 0.1153
 Zero sequence inductance (H/km) 0.00273
 Positive sequence inductance (H/km) 0.00105
Wind turbine transformer parameters
 Voltage ratio (kV) 0.69/25
 Resistance (pu) 0.0081
 Reactance (pu) 0.0453
PCC bus transformer parameters
 Voltage ratio (kV) 25/220
 Resistance (pu) 0.0051
 Reactance (pu) 0.065