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Protection and Control of Modern Power Systems is committed to strictly follow the Ethics & Diclosures here. 

Featured article: Fault line selection in cooperation with multi-mode grounding control for the floating nuclear power plant grid

Featured Article

The floating nuclear power plant is a moving nuclear power station at sea, it is the combination of marine engineering and nuclear engineering. It can provide safe and effective energy supply for remote islands, offshore oil exploitation and seawater desalination etc. Since it is compact in structure, and the ship hull is directly used as the ground loop, it is prone to generating different fault forms. Thus, the fault line selection protection should be accurate, sensitive and adaptive. In order to give consideration to the operation safety and the protection sensitivity in case of various ground faults, a fault line selection method in cooperation with multi-mode grounding control is presented. Based on the maximum united energy entropy ratio (MUEER), the optimal wavelet basis function and decomposition scale are adaptively chosen, while the fault line is selected by wavelet transform modulus maxima (WTMM). For high-impedance faults (HIFs), to enlarge the fault feature, the system grounding mode is switched by multi-mode grounding control, and the fault line is selected by comparing phase differences of zero-sequence current mutation and fault phase voltage mutation before and after the fault. Simulation results show the effectiveness of the proposed method in solving the protection problems. Read more.

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Power System Protection and Control Containing Renewable Energy Power Generation

Edited by : Xinzhou Dong, Aiqin Zhang

Energy Storage across Multiple Energy Systems

Edited by: Jinyu Wen, Jiakun Fang, Jialin Li, Gangu Yan, Jinghua Li

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Edited by: Zhiqian Bo, Jinmei Shi, Xinli Jiang

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Aims and scope

Protection and Control of Modern Power Systems is an international academic journal co-published by Power System Protection and Control Press and Springer. The journal is devoted to presenting new theories, technologies and top-level academic achievements in the field of protection and control in modern power systems. It strives to accelerate the development of the field by serving as a bridge between Chinese and global researchers in the field. In doing so, Protection and Control of Modern Power Systems makes an important contribution to the power industry.

The journal has an international authorship and a broad scope, including contemporary topics such as:

  • power system relay protection
  • power system analysis and control
  • power system planning
  • internet of energy
  • alternative energy generation
  • smart substations
  • intelligent power transmission and utilization techniques
  • interactions between large-scale electric vehicles and power grids
  • microgrid techniques
  • application of power electronics in power systems
  • electric power automation and remote control techniques
  • power system communication
  • power quality
  • electricity market

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