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Featured article: Robust fault analysis in transmission lines using Synchrophasor measurements

Featured ArticleAs more electric utilities and transmission system operators move toward the smart grid concept, robust fault analysis has become increasingly complex. This paper proposes a methodology for the detection, classification, and localization of transmission line faults using Synchrophasor measurements. The technique involves the extraction of phasors from the instantaneous three-phase voltages and currents at each bus in the system which are then decomposed into their symmetrical components. These components are sent to the phasor data concentrator (PDC) for real-time fault analysis, which is completed within 2–3 cycles after fault inception. The advantages of this technique are its accuracy and speed, so that fault information may be appropriately communicated to facilitate system restoration. The proposed algorithm is independent of the transmission system topology and displays high accuracy in its results, even with varying parameters such as fault distance, fault inception angle and fault impedance. The proposed algorithm is validated using a three-bus system as well as the Western System Coordinating Council (WSCC) nine bus system. The proposed algorithm is shown to accurately detect the faulted line and classify the fault in all the test cases presented. Read more.

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Aims and scope

Protection and Control of Modern Power Systems is an international academic journal co-published by Power System Protection and Control Press and Springer. The journal is devoted to presenting new theories, technologies and top-level academic achievements in the field of protection and control in modern power systems. It strives to accelerate the development of the field by serving as a bridge between Chinese and global researchers in the field. In doing so, Protection and Control of Modern Power Systems makes an important contribution to the power industry.

The journal has an international authorship and a broad scope, including contemporary topics such as:

  • power system relay protection
  • power system analysis and control
  • power system planning
  • internet of energy
  • alternative energy generation
  • smart substations
  • intelligent power transmission and utilization techniques
  • interactions between large-scale electric vehicles and power grids
  • microgrid techniques
  • application of power electronics in power systems
  • electric power automation and remote control techniques
  • power system communication
  • power quality
  • electricity market


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