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Table 2 Comparison between the investigated studies and the present work

From: Adaptive coordination control strategy of renewable energy sources, hydrogen production unit, and fuel cell for frequency regulation of a hybrid distributed power system

References RESs AE and FC LFC algorithm Kn consideration Load variation Kn algorithm Main contributions
[10] Wind A bacterial foraging optimization algorithm-based PID controller with a derivative filter × Low n/a Frequency control
[9] PV and wind Hybrid fuzzy proportional derivative–tilt integral derivative (FPD-TID) based chaotic crow search algorithm (CCSA) Constant Low n/a LFC and proposed control scheme aims to achieve a trade-off between its performance and the operational stability of the microgrid
[8] PV and wind × A feedforward fractional order PID (FFOPID) based on a modified harmony search algorithm × High n/a LFC
[7] PV and wind mMSA-based hFPD–PI controller Constant Low n/a LFC
Proposed study PV and wind mMSA-based PID controller Variable High GWO based PI controller Adaptive coordination control strategy
The proposed adaptive coordination control strategy based on changing the value of Kn and subsequently varying the power extracted from the RESs that is used with hydrogen energy storage according to the changing of the frequency deviation