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Table 6 Generated values for all indices for a proposed system on the HVDC line for an NG fault

From: A simple decision tree-based disturbance monitoring system for VSC-based HVDC transmission link integrating a DFIG wind farm

Wind speed (m/s) Fault resistance (Ω) Fault location (km) P1 Energy (per unit) P2 Amplified energy (per unit) P3 Mean (per unit) P4 Standard deviation (per unit) P5 Kurtosis (per unit) P6 Entropy (per unit) P7 Variance (per unit) P8 Maximum amplitude (per unit)
15 0.001 30 4.76E−13 1.03E−12 0.0057 6.89E−07 0.504 0.436 2.24E−13 7.01E−07
   60 7.34E−11 2.46E−11 0.016 8.56E−06 0.515 0.406 2.22E−10 8.59E−06
   90 1.2E−13 3.62E−14 0.0228 3.46E−07 0.301 0.427 9.35E−13 3.07E−07
   120 1.6E−14 2.94E−14 0.021 1.26E−07 0.28 0.568 1.06E−14 1.416E−07
   149 2.55E−10 4.72E−11 0.285 1.59E−05 0.508 0.474 1.4E−09 1.63E−05