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Table 6 Wide Area Damping Controllers

From: A review on synchrophasor communication system: communication technologies, standards and applications

Reference Significance
[83,84,85] Requirements for wide area control in terms of communication delay and data losses have been identified.
[45] A distributed multi-agent control concept for achieving wide area control. The local PMU measurements and local optimization algorithms are shared to achieve global control.
[86] Uncertainties in delays were included in the analysis and a centralized non-linear controller was used.
[87,88,89,90] Communication delays were compensated to achieve the damping control.
[91] A novel Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) controller architecture has been proposed to achieve improved control even when sufficient measurement data is available (due to bandwidth constraints or packet losses).
[92] Effect of communication network topology was included into the control mechanism.
[93] Adaptive PDC that configures itself based on communication delays for effective delay compensation of the wide area controller.
[94] Damping of power system oscillations using a co-simulation platform for simulating the power and communication infrastructures.
[95] Time delay estimate and packet loss probability were obtained using Markov models to achieve improved oscillation control.