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Table 3 Summary of the IEEE C37.118.2-2011 message frames

From: A review on synchrophasor communication system: communication technologies, standards and applications

Frame Type Function
Data frame This contains the real-time synchrophasor data measured by the PMU. It includes an identification header, the length of the message, message source ID, a time stamp, detailed status information regarding the data and its source and quality, frequency, ROCOF and analog and digital quantities.
Header frame The header frame is sent from the PMU to the PDC to help the PDC identify the sender.
Configuration frame There are three configuration frames. The first configuration frame config1 indicates the data reporting capability of the PMU. The config2 and config3 indicate the current measurements that are being reported in the data frame.
Command frame These frames are sent by the data receiving device to the data transmitting device requesting it to start or stop the transmission, to transmit the configuration frame or the header frame.