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Table 3 Parameters of studied system

From: A novel controllable crowbar based on fault type protection technique for DFIG wind energy conversion system using adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system

Parameters Values
The parameters of DFIG
 Rated voltage (V) 575
 Rated power (MW) 1.5
 Rated frequency (Hz) 60
 Rotor resistance (pu) 0.0050
 Stator resistance (pu) 0.00706
 Mutual inductance (pu) 2.9
 Rotor leakage inductance (pu) 0.156
 Stator leakage inductance (pu) 0.171
The parameters of transmission line
 Zero sequence resistance (Ω/km) 0.4131
 Positive sequence resistance (Ω /km) 0.1154
 Zero sequence capacitance (F/km) 5.02e-9
 Positive sequence capacitance (F/km) 11.33e-9
 Zero sequence inductance (H/km) 0.00331
 Positive sequence inductance (H/km) 0.00105
The parameters of transformer (T1)
 Turns ratio 575 V/25 kV
 Impedance (pu) 0.0017 + j0.05
The parameters of transformer (T2)
 Turns ratio 25 kV/220 kV
 Impedance (pu) 0.00534 + j0.16
The parameters of grid
 Impedance (pu) 0.0004 + j0.004