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Table 1 Parameters of the VSC-MTDC test system

From: A novel control strategy based on a look-up table for optimal operation of MTDC systems in post-contingency conditions

Line voltage of AC grid (rms) 370 (kV)
Equivalent resistance of AC system 0.08 (Ω)
Equivalent inductance of AC system 0.025 (H)
Fundamental frequency 50 (Hz)
Carrier frequency as multiple of fundamental 27
Limit of the DC voltage deviation 5%
Phase reactor 0.15 (p.u.)
Transformer 2000 (MVA), 370/320 (kV), YgD, 0.15 (p.u.)
Unit resistance of the DC line 0.4 (Ω/km)
Unit inductance of the DC line 0.45 (mH/km)
Unit capacitance of the DC line 23 (µF/km)
Rated DC voltage ± 320 (kV)
KI and KP of inner control loop 6, 0.6