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Table 2 Different hybridization methods

From: Hybrid intelligence approach for multi-load level reactive power planning using VAR compensator in power transmission network

Year Reference Hybrid Algorithm Reason for implementation
2017 [31] Chaotic Artificial Bee Colony Differential Evolution (CABC-DE) algorithm To solve reactive power optimization and minimize the searching time for the global solution.
2020 [32] Hybrid MGWO-SCA-CSA To reduce the overall generation cost of micro-grid system with the help of optimal controlling parameters.
2017 [33] Hybrid of modified PSO and GA To solve non-linear optimal power flow problem in power system by enhancing the primary population set generation procedure of the variables.
2020 [34] Hybrid PSODE To determine the optimal solution of RPP in power transmission system.
2013 [35] Hybrid PSO To improve movements of particles and avoid local optimum solution subjected to achieve economic benefits in community micro-grid operation.
2020 [36] Hybrid Symbiotic Differential Evolution Moth-flame Optimization (HSDE-MFO) algorithm To obtain optimal parameters of photovoltaic models depending upon measured current-voltage data of photovoltaic systems for the reliable operation of the system.