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Table 1 An overview of interviews by experts

From: A critical review of the integration of renewable energy sources with various technologies

Part 1. Consultant of Senior
2. Innovation Leader
3. Senior consultant for power system
4. Chief Executive Operations
5. Senior of Technology consultant
6. Senior Grid technology engineer
7. Senior Consultant in Transmission Technology
8. An entrepreneur for storage options
9. Executive Operations
10. Head of the company for HVDC solutions
11. Head of Technical generator marketing
Participant 1. Consultancy of Policy and Consultancy on Power System
2. System operator distribution and Traffic system operator
3. Consultancy on power system
4. Provider of intelligent Grid technology
5. Utility of Electricity
6. Technology supplier for transmission systems
7. The utility of Integrated Electricity
8. Technology storage provider
9. Application response provider
10. Technology supplier for transmission systems
11. Arbiter of technology generation