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Table 2 Probability of human error according to expert viewpoints in the framework of the HFACS method

From: Human reliability analysis in maintenance team of power transmission system protection

Error Level Error Category Error Subcategory Viewpoint of personnel
Unsafe acts errors Skill-based error occasional
Decision error occasional
Perceptual error  
violations Routine violation occasional
Exceptional violation very low
Preconditions for unsafe acts Operator Conditions Adverse mental state occasional
Adverse physiological state occasional
Physical/mental limitations  
Individual factors Communication coordination and planning occasional
Fitness for duty  
Environmental factors Physical environment occasional
Technological environment  
Unsafe supervision Inadequate supervision   occasional
Planned inappropriate operations   occasional
Failed to correct a known problem   occasional
Supervisory violation   very low
Organizational influences Resource management human resources occasional
Funds probable
Equipment resources/facilities occasional
Organizational climate Structure occasional
Culture occasional
Politics occasional
Organizational process operation occasional
methods occasional