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Table 3 Effect of variations in source impedance

From: A novel complex current ratio-based technique for transmission line protection

‘d’ (pu) Percentage of source impedance at Gen-1
50% 100% 200% 500%
0.1 0.48–0.71j 0.55–0.78j 0.53–0.92j 0.58–0.27j
0.2 0.50–0.80j 0.58–0.72j 0.55–0.77j 0.60–0.32j
0.3 0.53–0.75j 0.60–0.55j 0.57–0.56j 0.62–0.27j
0.4 0.58–0.55j 0.63–0.50j 0.60–0.45j 0.65–0.93j
0.5 0.61–0.52j 0.65–0.65j 0.62 - 033j 0.68–0.86j
0.6 0.59–0.62j 0.62–0.57j 0.61–0.42j 0.66–0.32j
0.7 0.56–0.53j 0.58–0.92j 0.58–0.67j 0.64–0.78j
0.8 0.55–0.92j 0.57–0.86j 0.56–0.82j 0.59–0.62j
0.9 0.52–0.96j 0.55–0.77j 0.54–0.86j 0.56–0.56j
1.0 0.47–0.87j 0.49–0.89j 0.53–0.72j 0.55–0.65j