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Table 6 Analysis of the proposed prediction model with different forecast horizons

From: Accurate prediction of different forecast horizons wind speed using a recursive radial basis function neural network

S. No Different Forecast Horizons Performance Metrics Parametric Values
1 Very Short Term Prediction (Few seconds to minutes ahead) MSE 4.0054e-07
MAPE 0.0102
RMSE 6.3288e-04
MAE 5.4564e-04
MRE 1.0160e-04
2 Short Term Prediction (30 min to 6 h ahead) MSE 4.6131e-11
MAPE 5.5382e-05
RMSE 6.7920e-06
MAE 4.4137e-06
MRE 5.5382e-07
3 Medium Term Prediction (6 h to ahead) MSE 1.5857e-11
MAPE 6.6481e-05
RMSE 3.9820e-06
MAE 2.8847e-06
MRE 6.6481e-07
4 Long Term Prediction (1 day to 1 week or more ahead) MSE 1.6166e-12
MAPE 1.0165e-05
RMSE 1.2715e-06
MAE 8.2352e-07
MRE 1.0165e-07