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Table 5 Comparision of performance measures between the proposed and existing methods at P = 1 p.u. and Q = -0.4p.u

From: Design of a robust PID-PSS for an uncertain power system with simplified stability conditions

Time domain specifications/Performance Indices Kharitonov Poly Root Locus [36] Kharitonov Poly PSO [37] Image set Lead-Lag [41] Image set PID-PSS [41] Proposed PID-PSS
Rise Time 0.0013 0.0044 3.4553e-4 0.0060 1.5920e-4
Settling Time 5.123 5.591 2.894 2.981 2.459
Peak value 8.4693e-4 8.5472e-4 9.4378e-4 9.3149e-4 4.4416e-4
Peak time 0.6300 0.6300 0.6400 0.6700 0.5800
ISE 1.7344e-7 1.6359e-7 1.5757e-7 2.4247e-7 0.4147e-7
IAE 5.2443e-4 4.5540e-4 3.1390e-4 4.7086e-4 2.2977e-4
ITSE 1.6253e-7 1.4751e-7 1.1311e-7 1.8707e-7 0.3529e-7
ITAE 8.8001e-4 6.9924e-4 3.2520e-4 5.4516e-4 2.7949e-4