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Table 5 Comparison between EnergyCoupon and previous experiment

From: Prediction and assessment of demand response potential with coupon incentives in highly renewable power systems

Comparison itemCritical peak pricingEnergyCoupon
CategoryPrice-based DRIncentive-based DR
Treatment group size7129
Experiment lengthJun - OctJun – Aug
Number of DR daysCertain CPP days (12)Daily (77)
Peak hoursNoon – 6 pm1–7 pm
Energy reduction12%10.7%a
Effective cost compared with retail priceb368%58.8%
  1. aElectricity reductions for active and inactive and inactive subjects are 34.8% and 7.36%, respectively
  2. bWe choose retail price in Anaheim in 2005 as $0.095/kWh [48], and average retail price in Woodland, TX in 2017 as $0.090/kWh [13]