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Table 7 Wide Area Damping Controllers

From: A review on synchrophasor communication system: communication technologies, standards and applications

Constraints Methods used for optimal placement Reference
Contingency constraints on communication networks GA [96]
Communication constraints on PMU placement GA [97]
Data loss constraints on PMU placement ILP [98]
Limited communication constraints ILP [99]
Multi-objective discrete Artificial Bee Colony [100]
sequential quadratic programming [101]
ILP [102]
ILP [103]
Constraint on routing paths between PMUs and PDC GA [104]
Constraint on power system observability with maximum communication reliability ILP [105]
Multi-objective GA [106]
Communication feasibility constraint using a minimum number of nodes. Randomized greedy algorithm [107]
Minimization of communication system cost Simulated Annealing (SA) [108]
binary imperialistic competition algorithm [109]
GA [110, 111]
Constraint on communication system reliability incorporating network failures ILP [112]
Constraint on power system observability with minimum communication system cost and maximum communication redundancy Non-domination Sorting GA (NSGA-II) [113]
Minimization of propagation delay Multi-objective GA [114]
Minimization of risk ILP [115]