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Table 2 Description of the Various Fields of the Message Frame

From: A review on synchrophasor communication system: communication technologies, standards and applications

Field Size (Bytes) Description
SYNC 2 This field marks the beginning of the frame. The first byte is AA (Hex) and the next byte describes the type of the message.
Frame Size 2 This field presents the length of the entire message including the CHK field.
IDCODE 2 This field is used for identifying the data stream.
SOC 4 This field carries the information about the time stamp and is used for time synchronization of measurements.
FRACSEC 4 This field indicates the time at which the measurements are made for data messages and the time at which the frame is transmitted for other messages.
CHK 2 This field marks the end of the message frame and is used to perform the cyclic redundancy check.