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Table 2 Nomenclature

From: Residue Theorem based soft sliding mode control for wind power generation systems

Pw: Wind turbine power Pm: Extracted mechanical power
ψPM: Permanent magnet flux S: Sliding surface
idq: Direct and quadrature currents Cp: Power coefficient
ωr,e: Mechanical and electrical speeds λ: Tip speed ratio
R: Radius of the wind turbine rotor ρ: Air density
Vdq: Direct and quadrature voltages Vw: Wind speed
Ldq: Direct and quadrature inductance Rs: Stator resistance
Tm,e: Mechanical and electrical torques e: Error
B: Viscus friction coefficient J: PMSG inertia
A: Swept area of the wind turbine γ: Positive constant matrix
Vαβ: PMSG voltage in αβ coordinate xref: Reference Value
eαβ: PMSG back-EMF in αβ coordinate x: Controlled variable
iαβ: PMSG current in αβ coordinate L: PMSG inductance
y: Controlled variable h: Step size
K,ω,d,q,Y,Z,k and c: Constants