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Table 1 WT-DFIG parameters

From: Comparative study of three types of controllers for DFIG in wind energy conversion system

Nominal power Pn = 1.5 MW
Turbine rayon (m) R = 35
WT inertia (kg.m2) J = 4.4532e5
Air density (kg.m3) ρ = 1.225
Gear reduction ratio ng = 73
Stator resistance (Ω) Rs = 12e−3
Rotor resistance (Ω) Rr = 21e−3
Stator inductance (H) Ls = 13.7e−3
Rotor inductance (H) Lr = 13.67e−3
Cyclic inductance (H) M = 12.2e−3
Pole pairs np = 2