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Fig. 12

From: Remote monitoring system for real time detection and classification of transmission line faults in a power grid using PMU measurements

Fig. 12

a. EPFA variation during no-fault condition in IEEE-39 bus system. b. EPFA variation during LG-fault (AG) condition at branch 3–18, 50 km away from bus-3 with FR = 0 Ω and FIA = 0° in IEEE-39 bus system. c. EPFA variation during LL-fault (BC) condition at branch 4–5 20 km away from bus-4, with FR = 10 Ω and FIA = 45° in IEEE-39 bus system. d. EPFA variation during LLG-fault (CAG) condition at branch 23–24, 70 km away from bus-23 with FR = 100 Ω and FIA = 120° in IEEE-39 bus system. 12 e. EPFA variation during LLL-fault (ABC) condition at branch 5–6, 50 km away from bus-5 with FR = 0 Ω and FIA = 0° in IEEE-39 bus system

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