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Table 1 Converter parameters and operation conditions

From: Fast valve power loss evaluation method for modular multi-level converter operating at high-frequency

Parameters Value Comment
Rated ac voltage 220 kV Line-to-line
Equivalent impedance of ac source 0.116Ω + j0.0091H  
Transformer ratio 220/167 kV  
Transformer leakage reactance 0.15 p.u.  
Power rating of MMC 500MVA  
Rated dc voltage 320 kV  
Number of SMs in one arm 200 Redundancy ignored
Arm inductance 0.6H 0.06H, When 500Hz
SM capacitance 10000 μF 1000 μF, when 500Hz
Rated voltage of SM 1.6 kV  
Smoothing reactor 50 mH  
Grounded resistance 0.29Ω  
IGBT module 5SNA 1200E250100 \( \begin{array}{l}{U}_{ce}=2500V\\ {}{I}_c=1200A\end{array} \)