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Table 4 Assessment information of all methods

From: Development of a WAMS based test platform for power system real time transient stability detection and control

Criterion name Instability detection moment (s) Parameters Values
Maximum power angle difference based criterion 1.54 threshold value of power angle difference () 180
power angle difference detecting instability () 180.58
leading generator Yemazhai#1
lagging generator Nayong#1
maximum power angle difference (°) 357.91
maximum power angle difference moment (s) 2.72
Clearance of generator cluster based criterion 2.02 threshold value of clearance angle difference (°) 150
clearance of generator cluster detecting instability (°) 156.7528
Measured trajectory based EEAC 1.72 unbalanced power (MW) 15.8657
power angle speed (rad/s) 3.0980
Trajectory convexity in the phase plane based criterion 2.28 convexity index in the angle-angle acceleration phase 0.0005
convexity index in the unbalanced power-angle phase 0.3162
changing rate of electric power 24.3630
Single generator energy function based criterion 1.96 power angle acceleration (rad/s2) −0.0041
energy changing rate (MW/s) 282.7081
Perturbed voltage trajectory integration based criterion 0.74 key bus station Shuanglong
voltage upper limit (pu) 0.85
threshold value of voltage integration 0.03
voltage integration value 0.0304